Case Reports

Smile Rejuvenation : Case Reports

Dr. Shivika Goel,Dr. Ankur Pandey, Dr.Nida Haider, Dr.Prashant Verma, Dr. Sameer Ahmed Khan

Excision of irritational fibroma of tongue with laser :a case report

Dr.Mohammad Uvais Khan,Dr.Anudeepika Kashyap,Dr.Karishma Agarwal, Dr.Jharna Bharali

Microscopic Changes In a Case of Bilateral Myositis Ossificans of Musculature of the Jaws – Relevance of Clinical & Microscopic Perspectives in the Disease Progression

Dr.Priyanka Rastogi, Dr. Sherin N., Dr.Sachin Kumar,Dr.Minha Majeed

Pulp Revascularization of Non vital Immature Young Permanent Tooth A case report.

Dr.Vikrant Kumar, Dr.Chhaya Sharma,Dr.Romana Nisar, Dr.Sheeba Hassan ,Dr. Pooja Tiwari

Non-dentigerous variant of Unicystic Ameloblastoma – a case report

Dr.Jyotismita Thakuria,Dr. Rajendragouda Patil, Dr.Simi Thankappan,Dr. Udita Singh

Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma: Report of a Rare Case

Dr.Simi Thankappan, Dr.Sherin N. Dr. Rajendragouda Patil,